Roving Mars


Welcome to Roving Mars a 3rd person Rover simulator where you get to explore Mars and unlock it's secrets. There are upgrades to find and build. Missions to recover Data to send back to Earth, Abandoned Technology you can salvage resources from and a variety of events to challenge your survival skills.

Back in April 2020 there was a Ludum Dare that took place and the first concept was built for that Game Jam. The game has grown since then, switching from top down 2D to 3D and expanding on the original mission(exploring every inch of Mars).

At the end of May there is a Twitter Pitch Competition called #PitchYaGame. It gives indie game devs a chance to promote their projects twice a year to gamers and publishers alike. My plan is to launch the Game Trailer (and Steam store page) at the same time as launching my pitch. This site is here to help people decide if they want to play the game.

Based on the current planning spreadsheets there are around 200 hours of development left before I can launch the game. As a gamer you don't need to know this but it gives you an idea of how long it will take to finish considering I also work full time. I am aiming for a late 2021 release.


  • Complete missions
  • Explore unique locations
  • Prepare for the arrival of colonists
  • Uncover secrets
  • Recover resources from drop pods and crashed technology
  • Process Martian resources into useful items
  • Upgrade your rover using the resources you gather
  • Random events challenge your rover's survival


Coming Soon...(there's a countdown and everything!)




Workshopcraft is a 1 man game studio that is creating Roving Mars after building a concept version of it for Ludum Dare back in April 2020. The game has been worked on for the last year, and the plan is to release it in late 2021. There are at least 3 other games Workshopcraft would like to build once this one has launched and they all vary in style and theme. The only thing that is currently being outsourced is Music which is being handled by @Foxtrotluna. Their site is GOCREATE.

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